At Auckland Siteworks, our experienced team can help you with:

Earthworks & Earthmoving

From large subdivision sites to small landscaping projects, we have the machinery to reshape land and if needed import or remove surplus clay and topsoil material

House cuts & Foundations

We can dig your foundations and reduce/level areas and prepare for building. We have the capabilities to get into tight spaces and do under house cut excavations. From a small foundation project to large house cut excavations we have the machinery needed to complete your construction project to floor slab

Drilling & Piling

Our machines are set up for drilling and piling - some of depths up to 10 meters in a range of diameters and sizes. We also have the capabilities to complete driven piles

Swimming pools

Swimming pool excavations and complete swimming pool projects

Driveways, car parks, walking tracks & roading

From small driveways and single parking spaces to 1500sq meter car parks or 3km roads and walking tracks. We can complete all your excavation and compaction work and finish with concreting, paving, gravel & asphalt

Construction & Civil construction

We have the capabilities, machinery and the people to complete all your construction & civil construction contracting needs

Landscaping & Retaining walls

We can excavate, drill and install your retaining walls.
Tree felling and site clearance.
Ponds, Dams & Wet land projects.


From splitting a single section in two, to large subdivision projects. We can undertake all the earthworks, roading, house cuts and site clearance work needed to complete your subdivision

Clean fill site management

If you have a large gully/wet area or just want a area reshaping. We can manage your clean fill projects and carry out the earthworks for you

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